To be a good inspector/consultant you need to be well rounded and jack of all trades. Well I certainly meet those criteria. Growing up we always had a woodworking shop and this is a tradition that I carry through today. My father was a hydraulic test engineer and to supplement his income he would take on remodeling projects, built furniture, restored antiques and built hydraulic equipment for manufacturing shops. He was always busy in the shop and I’m sure it was more than the money that was his motivator. I assisted with all of these endeavors from a very young age and I was turned loose in the shop to create wood projects of all sorts and amazingly I still have all of my fingers.

To assist my college costs I would restore antiques, make furniture and build swimming pools. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Lawrence Technological University and was close to obtaining a second degree in Architecture. After graduation I was employed as an engineer, architect, project manager and site supervisor. Projects ranged from office renovations, residential renovations, shopping centers, industrial buildings, high end residential, subdivisions, apartments and government projects.

I have been involved with over $200 million in projects. I was responsible for projects ranging from land acquisition to turn-key. I ran a real estate office and was a real estate broker. I’m a licensed appraiser and have performed thousands of appraisals. I have been performing residential inspections (pre purchase) and commercial inspections for approximately 25 years and have performed thousands of inspections. I’m also an FHA 203K Consultant and completed the documents for the first 203K mortgage in the state, hence I have been at it a while. I also have extensive experience inspecting and appraising manufactured housing. I grew up in the Birmingham area which is where I currently reside. All of my experience is centered around this area and have been to every city office for the surrounding counties. I bring a wealth of experience to every consulting assignment and see a real estate transaction from all sides.

On a personal note, I have been married for over thirty years and have raised 3 boys. The oldest earned a civil engineer degree from Lawrence Technological University with a professional engineer designation. My middle son is a builder/developer. My youngest is a social worker and earned a master’s degree from Michigan State University. I’m an avid boater and keep a boat on Harsen’s Island.